NB: Limited Edition.

Main: 110-120/220-240V Rectifier Tube GZ32 or GZ34

Finale: 2 6V6GT for 15 Watt Rms. Output Impedence: 8, 16 ohm (with a extra speakers is possible tu replace the 6V6's tube with 2 6L6GC for more power and "headroom")

Preamp: Two channels: First channel (red) with 60' pentode EF86 and one ECC83 double triode. Second channel (green) with 50' pentode 6SJ7 and one ECC81 double triode

Reverb: With one ECC81 double triode and "Accutronics" long tank

Components: New Old Stock and wired by "point to point" technique

Controls: first channel "Red ": Volume, Treble, Bass; Second channel "Green": Volume, Tono; Reverb: Mixer

Cabinet: 12 m/m multilayered birch. Tolex: Two tone, Cream and Brown

Speakers: 1 Celestion G12 Alnico Blue

Footswitch: Made by cast alluminum. Chooses the channels and adds the Reverb

Dimension: h 19 in, L 19 in, p 10,2 in; Weigh: 35 lb

Note: "Shadow-pin" tilt back system to provide a easy and strong 53-degree disposed. Channel changer and effect insertion by a relay reed (in air absence). Unlimited warranty for any fabrication defects excluding parts subject to wear. The characteristics can change to better the product; therefore, you are advised to call or email Orlando Musical Instruments to hear about the latest innovations.



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