NB: Made upon request. Limited edition.

Power supply : 110-120V / 220-240V GZ34 tube rectifier

Power amp : Two 6V6G power tubes per 15W Rms; 4, 8, 16Ohm impedance speaker output

Preamp: One channel with an EF86 pentode, an ECC81 double triode and an ECC83 double triode

Components: "New Old Stock" internally wired by hand with the "point to point" technique

Controls: Gain, treble, bass and bright switch

Cabinet: 15mm multi-layered birch; Color: Tolex white

Speaker: 1 Celestion G12 Alnico Blue

Note: Unlimited warranty for any fabrication defects excluding parts subject to wear. The characteristics can change to better the product; therefore, you are advised to call or email Orlando Musical Instruments to hear about the latest innovations.



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