Power supply : 110-120/220-240 V

Components: "New Old Stock" internally wired by hand with the "point to point" technique

Tremolo: With a 12AU6 tube oscillator and photocell that intervenes in the volume (Fender style)

Tremolo controls : Intensity, speed and a three positions switch of range selector.

Reverb: With an "Accutronics" long tank and three tubes. The tubes are: a 12AU6 preamplification pentode, a 3Q4 direct heating power pentode and an ulterior 12AX7 preamplification triode (half)

Reverb controls : Gain, a Depth selector (bright, mellow, deep), Tone and Mixer to mix the clean sound with effects

Bypass: A tube with a 12AX7 double triode (half)

Footswitch: included

Cabinet: 15mm multilayered birch. Color Tolex White

Note: The effects do not alter the tone of the guitar/amplifier being used at all. It adds effects trough the relay reed (in the absence of air). Thanks to the active Bypass (amplifies), the Space Unit can be used by "heating" the guitars sound. A pot is found on the back panel to regulate the Bypass level. The photocell that I used for the tremolo is my own invention and makes sure that the "tic tic" characteristic of the old neon photocells is gone missing. Unlimited warranty for any fabrication defects excluding parts subject to wear. The characteristics can change to better the product; therefore, you are advised to call or email the Orlando Musical Instruments to hear about the latest innovations.



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