The sound is like a cannon. Powerful bass and cutting high-pitches like crushed crystal. The middle is almost "brigth", a characteristic of aluminum, even though it becomes more pronounced with the pick-ups at the neck. The quality and quantity of the harmonics developed by the aluminum give this guitar one of the most beautiful sounds that I have ever heard.

Thanks Vincenzo !


Vincenzo's guitar is called Mistress.

It is a bolt-on electric guitar with an aluminum body and Canadian maple and aluminum plated neck. A 25.5 scale, 21 small-size frets set down carefully on the fantastic Wenge' venature. It is a hollowbody and an opportunely carved bar that holds the neck thanks to four steel screws. The strings cross this bar from behind are placed on a bridge like Telecaster. The pick-ups are a VOODOO Tele and a DiMarzio HS2 Humbucker at the neck with a 3 pos. selector.







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Ottavio's guitar is called Startooth.

Ottavio came to my lab with a small colorful design and said, "I want my guitar to be like this drawing". I became a little perplex when I saw the sketch because of its, how can I say, "extravagant" shape and I tried to convince him to choose something more classic. Fortunately he didnŐt listen to me and when I finished it seemed like one of the historic guitars held by my idol Frank Zappa.

The body is a unique piece of American alder, the neck is screwed down in Canadian maple and the fretboard is made up of Brazilian rosewood with 21 small-size frets, 25.5" scale, and a radius of 7.25". Two XL500 Bill Lawrence Humbuckers, single selectors, a phase switch and "coil cut" for the neck pick-up. There are volume and tone for both pick-ups. The strings cross the body and lay on an Tele bridge. The mechanics are the Grover Super Rotomatic.

Overall it's a guitar with a strong and unique sound, manageable, light, a particular look and not to be confused with others. What I really want to say is that it is BEAUTIFUL!

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Pornography bass player was the first customer to fall in love with aluminum. He already had a Travis Bean and had always thought about pairing it with a body nice enough to go with its beautiful aluminum neck.

Novicelab loves all this stuff!



You certainly need to be a big and tough man to be able to play it for a long time standing up but there are no words to describe the volume, the definition, the body and the growth of harmonics that this modification gave this already wonderful instrument.

It has a hollow body with a soldered "top" and "back". The neck is inserted in the original body only that that guides have been extracted by two blocks of Reynolds 6061-T6 aluminum (the same kind of aluminum as Mr. Bean). The 2 Humbuckers were unexplainably missing so a DiMarzio P-style substituted them. A volume and tone control complete the circuit.














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A hollowbody screwed down in a shape like "Jazzmaster", a central bar where the strings come from behind and a DiMarzio pick-up. I kept the same body and neck as before, and, like all the modifications I have made, I didn't change the original body and neck at all. I only built a body that can be changed whenever he wants.

The sound? Well, I guess you ought to buy their discs!


Besides playing the guitar for Pornography, he also plays some pieces with a Kramer "aluminum neck" bass. This brought him to ask me, under the mistress effect, for an aluminum body for 70s Kramer.













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He has a friend that enjoys working with wood. One day he came to my lab with a mahogany body and asked me if I could finish the job. He drew me how he would have liked the head to be. I called the guitar "Harpoon".

The body is made up of a unique piece of mahogany and the neck is American maple and the Wenge' fretboard is double radius. 10 inches at the nut to be more comfortable in the first positions and 16 inches to the 24th fret to be better paired off at the vibrato bridge, like "Floyd". 24 jumbo frets. A monstrous VOODOO Humbucker completes it giving it the personality and spirit Marco and I were looking for.

With Harpoon you can do just about everything. From blues to Rock & Roll to hard rock. And if you play heavy metal you sure will have a great time!

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