When you are a kid some people ditch school, dream about motorcycles, follow around the blondes and brunettes, and buy rock'n roll disks. Others study, throw out the trash and go to bed early.

Well, I, Giuseppe Orlando, 34, was unfortunately a part of the first group. I say unfortunately because if you do that kid's stuff for too long you get addicted and can't live without it. Rock'n roll was my drug. At 19 years old I wanted to play the riffs by Black Sabbath, the blues by Mr. Lee Hooker and the dance music by the Velvet Underground. But the most wonderful thing that I was taught is that life flies by like a flash of lightning and it's better if you hold onto the reins. I, until a few years ago, was convinced that I had to sell jewelry in my fatherÕs shop and today I am sitting here writing about my small business of sonic dreams called Novicelab.

It all began when I met Davide who at the time, more than 15 years ago, used to play the acoustic guitar at the music conservatory and a '68 Tele in a local rock band who I started playing the bass for (TURN edited by Freeland Records). Davide, seeing that I wanted to take his guitar apart with the excuse of fixing it, introduced me to the Maestro of making string instruments Francesco Abramo from Catania who, among archtop bridge and finishing, seasoning and intonation, guided the construction of my first bass guitar that I called Arthur. This experience made my passion grow even more, but since the Maestro Abramo made classic string instruments, like mandolins, acoustic guitars and banjoes, he couldn't help me very much in the electric field. So I then began researching but I didn't get many answers to my questions. After a few years Davide gave me an envelope with a receipt in it on my birthday. HEADING: Nashville (today known as Accordo Š the biggest community of musicians in Italy!) subscription fee paid for 1994. Once he saw the fake smile on my face (I had no idea what Nashville was) he pulled out a copy from his backpack and told me to read it. As I was leafing through it I realized that I had found someone who spoke about instruments 5 times that of my own and he was the same person who was always free to help me whenever I needed it. I would call the Maestro Roberto "New old stock" Pistolesi every day except Sunday and the more he would have fun listening to my southern accent the more my passion would grow for the 'electric world'. After a few months I asked him if I could visit him in Santa Croce. I don`t know if his extreme availability towards me was because he thought I was funny or if it was just because he just wanted to be nice, but he took me in like I was an old friend. And between pasta and self-built tools he began to teach me about the art of the great sound. Thanks Rob!

A few years have passed since then and I have learned a lot, to the point that today Novicelab is a professional reality producing quality manufactured articles with traditional and not-traditional techniques and materials, as well as innovative materials (aluminum, Plexiglas, resin) with the primary objective to maintain, without compromises, the concept of "the quality of sound".

At this point I would like to thank Giulia, Roberto, Alberto and all of my customers and friends who have supported me daily to make sure that my dream becomes a point of reference for anyone who loves things "well done". THANKS! A big hug to everyone,




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