SUPPLY : 110-120V / 220-240V

COMPONENTS : "New Old Stock" internally wired by hand with the"point to point" technique

POWER AMP: a 3A5 double power triode in class A for 0.65W Rms

PREAMP : Two ECC83 double triodes

CONTROLS : Gain, Tone, Volume and Level

BYPASS : Total by a 3Way stomp switch (it change the led status green-power / red-on Air also)

CHASSIS : cast aluminum; Color: aluminum

NOTES : The BrillianceUnit do not alter the tone of the guitar/amplifier being used at all. The included supplier comes separate. The level controller is needed to regulate the output level and is not needed for the saturation. Unlimited warranty for any fabrication defects excluding parts subject to wear. The characteristics can change to better the product; therefore, you are advised to call or email Nocivelab to hear about the latest innovations.


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